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Maximillien is open seven days a week and offers an Italian menu. Maximillien provides a variety of dining opportunities ideal for a hearty breakfast, a quick business lunch and a leisurely dinner and everydinner. Every meal prepared at Maximillien encapsulates the essence of exquisite dining.

At Maximillien, our meticulous attention to detail and relentless pursuit of service excellence are of equal importance as serving only the most mouth-watering dishes. All dishes are prepared using only the finest ingredients that are sourced both locally and internationally and our friendly, polite and attentive waitrons aim to make every dining experience a memorable one.

The imperious floor-to-ceiling windows offer breathtaking views of the city and are complemented by the extended North-west facing deck that boasts a magnificent raised bar area for the ultimate sundowner experience.

Traditionally, the name Maximilien is written with one "L". However, Maximillien is written with two "L"s for a specific reason, this being that the pronunciation for "L" means "aile" in French which, when directly translated to English, means "wing". We at Maximillien have decided the name should have a double "L" meaning that, like birds, we, Maximillien, fly better with two "L"s – two wings.

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