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Shimmering skyscrapers gaze upon the sprawling upmarket metropolis of Sandton. It is in the heart of this bustling centre of commerce and luxury that classic Mediterranean dining and chic South African flair converge to revolutionise the art of dining.

Maximillien dishes up an exquisite epicurean experience in the comfort of a stylish yet welcoming ambience. A convivial atmosphere warm lighting and contemporary meets classic aesthetic welcomes diners at the door and is beautifully compleimented by an ethic of providing a high-quality dining service to accompany fine quality food.

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Unlike many other ethnic cuisines, Mediterranean cuisine is not the product of a specific ethnic group or culture.  Rather, it is a label referring to the culinary trends shared by a diverse array of peoples that live in the region around the Mediterranean Sea. The sunny, mild Mediterranean climate yields an agricultural bounty that heavily influences the vegetable-dominant cuisines of the region.

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One of the key elements in the Mediterranean diet - along with olive oil and bread - is wine. Wherever the Greeks, and later the Romans, went in their efforts to conquer the Mediterranean world, they took along wine and the grapes to produce it. Maximillien Wine list recently won Platinum award from Diners Club for our Wine list.

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In Western culture, dessert is a course that typically comes at the end of a meal, usually consisting of sweet food. The word comes from the French language as dessert and this from Old French desservir, "to clear the table" and "to serve." Common desserts include cakes, cookies, pastries, ice cream, pie, and candies. Fruit may also be eaten with the dessert.

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